Casual Game Nights

Never find yourself without something to do in Pikeville! You can find people playing the games you love right here any day of the week with our Game Night programs! You can, of course, play any game you like at any time, but our gaming tables are reserved from 3:00pm until closing for each game night's events. Most of our casual events run from 5:00pm - 8:00pm.
Monday = Open Gaming
Tuesday = Open Gaming
Wednesday = Magic: The Gathering and Living Card Games and Star Wars: X-Wing
Thursday = Force of Will and Board & Card Games
Friday = Magic: The Gathering and Board & Card Games

Even if you aren't interested in playing competitively, you can still come in and meet new players, practice, or even learn a game absolutely FREE! Casual play is the best way to get practice and help you really learn the ins and outs of any game. For seasoned veterans its a chance to experiment with what you already know to get even better!

We host tournaments for lots of different games, not just the games that have game nights! Visit the Tournament Play page for specific information about each game, past winners, and upcoming events!

Family Game Night

We have a staff full gamers and family-folks alike. We understand the importance of family and friends. We also realize how difficult it can sometimes be to find and make time to spend with those that are near and dear to us. It is even more difficult to find activities that families can share together.

Look no further as the calvary has arrived! We're here to get you started with your very own Family Game Night! We'll gladly teach you how to play any in-stock game free of charge as part of our Play Before You Pay program. If the game you are looking for isn't in our demo library, chances are someone on staff owns it and can bring it by for you to try out! (Contact us one or two days ahead of time for that.)

We also host game days/nights out in the community! Our regular community hang-outs are the Student Lounge at the University of Pikeville, the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Office, and area pubic libraries. If you're having an event that you'd like to have games demonstrated at please contact us!

There's truly nothing like spending quality time with friends and family over a great game. Children will often remember and cherish such times with their parents and siblings for their entire lives. Many times friendships are solidified for a lifetime at the game table. Don't wait any longer... come down today and let the good times roll! (Yeah... we went there.)

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Sunday 1pm - 6pm

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