Play Before You Pay

Have you ever thought about picking up a copy of good-looking game but didn't know for sure if it was right for you? You've managed to convince yourself not to just throw your hard-earned money away on just any old game. (Good  for you!) You don't have to worry about that anymore!

Customers can play video, miniature, card, and board games right here in our store for FREE before deciding whether to buy it! You read it right my friend... you can check out a game BEFORE you commit to buy it! We'll even teach you how to play board, card, and miniature games (you can teach yourself how to play video games)!

Now you don't have an excuse NOT to expand your horizons and try something you normally wouldn't. Come in and give it a try!

How much does it cost me?

Did we mention its absolutely FREE? What are you waiting for? Come down today!

What video games can I try?

Any in-stock video game that only requires a standard controller can be played for up to ten minutes.

What collectible card games can I try?

Regular tournaments and great player bases make some of the top CCGs great and easy to step into!

*Magic: The Gathering

What board/tile games can I try?

Like with video games, any in-stock game can be played. Our demo library is aleady stock with these great titles that are calling your name:

*Ticket to Ride
*D&D Castle Ravenloft
*The Walking Dead (Comic Version)
*Mansions of Madness
*D&D Lords of Waterdeep
*Arkham Horror
*Warrior Knights
*Warhammer Chaos in the Old World
*Lord of the Rings
*Castle Panic
*The Haunting House
*Little Dead Riding Hood
*Kingdom Builder
*Midevil Deluxe
*The Settlers of Catan
*Forbidden Island
*Super Dungeon Explore
*Show Manager
*Batman: Arkham City Escape
*Planet Steam
*Lords of Vegas
*Mystery of the Abbey

What card games can I try?

Anything in-stock is fair game. The demo library is stocked with these card games:

*Mage Wars
*Space Hulk Death Angel
*The Current Number of the Beast
*Zombies!!! The Card Game
*Go Goblin Go
*The Rivals for Catan
*Family Business
*The Walking Dead
*Family Business

What deck-building games can I try?

We're sure you are seeing the theme here... all in-stock games can be played before you pay! Our deck-building demo library currently sports these titles:

*Legendary: A Marvel Deck-Building Game
*Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
*Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
*Star Trek
*Resident Evil
*DC Comics
*DC Comics: Heroes Unite
*Blood Bowl: Team Manager
*Rune Age
*Eminent Domain
*Core Worlds
*Eaten by Zombies

What dice games can I try?

Not too many games in the straight-out dice category have passed our test for being worthy of being on our shelves... but the ones that have are ready for your testing!


What living card games can I try?

Enter the world of Living Card Games! All the fun of custom deck-construction and tournament play without having to spend the family fortune trying to acquire the most recent "power card".

*Lord of the Rings
*Star Wars
*A Game of Thrones
*Android Netrunner
*Warhammer Invasion
*Call of Cthulhu


*Games must be played in store.
*Driver’s License/Photo ID OR cash must be left at register until controller and/or game are returned.
*Customer is responsible for any physical damages caused to system during use.


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