Trade in or sell select SWITCH games between Monday January 22, 2018 and Sunday January 28, 2018 and get 50% more for your games! 

*Original box and artwork must be included.
*Limit one copy per game, per customer, per day.
*Games already on our 100% trade-in list do not qualify.
*Sports games that are more than 1 year old or not the most recent release for its franchise do not qualify.
*Subject to change without notice.

We Now Offer MORE for Your Video Games!

Bring in your video games and take advantage of our new tiered pricing!

For example, for a game that we sell for between $100.01 and $300.00, we now offer 60% of that game's price in store credit or 45% of that price in cash!

$40.01 - $100.00 (55% store credit) or (40% cash)
$20.01 - $40.00 (50% store credit) or (35% cash)
$5.01 - $20.00 (45% store credit) or (30% cash)
$2.01 - $5.00 (40% store credit) or (20% cash)
$0.99 - $2.00 ($0.25 store credit) or ($0.10 cash)


*Prices are for clean items that are ready for sale. Original box required for disc games.
*We still take most games even if they need cleaned, but the offer price is reduced. Disc games that need cleaned have a $0.75 reduction in offer.
*We do not currently take games that we would sell for less than $1. We also are not currently accepting sports games that we sell for $5 or less on past generation disc-based consoles like: PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Gamecube, Wii, etc.

New & Upcoming

Find out all of the new & upcoming items in the world of geek! See what you might want to make part of your stash! Get all the goods on our New & Upcoming page now!

We Take Textbooks & Calculators!

Done for the semester? Tired of seeing that stack of books in your closet? Don't throw them away... trade or sell them to us today! You can contact us with a list of ISBN numbers for an e-mail estimate or bring them in the shop today for a quote! You can sell them for cash or trade them toward sweet new stuff and get even more bang for your buck!

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