Comic Subscription Folders

"The pull box."

Sometimes its impossible to make it in on Wednesday when new books release. Chances are there will be sell-outs with as many great new stories that hit the stands each week. Never fear! You can set up a comic book subscription folder with us so you never have to miss another issue of your favorite books!

Remember, the BEST way to see what is new and yet-to-come by checking out our New & Upcoming items!

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing. Setting up a subscription folder is easy and free.

What comics can I subscribe to?

Any comics that are solicited in Previews magazine. We can't stock every title in the book... but we'll order anything you want just for you!

How many books can I get?

There is no limit to the number of comics you can have on your subscription list. The more the merrier! We do require a minimum of three monthly titles, though.

Do I get a discount?

If you pick your comics up the week they release we give you a 20% discount off the cover price!

How often do I have to purchase my comics?

Since there are no up-front costs or fees, we require customers to pick up their folder at least once a month.

What happens if I don't come in once a month?

Due to the time sensitive nature of comic books, we must put books back on the shelf and close folders that aren't being picked up monthly.

Will you mail my books to me?

Absolutely! We don't offer a discount off of the cover price, but there are no shipping and handling costs*! Yup... free shipping. You can have us automatically mail your books monthly OR you can call in any time you like to have your folder mailed to you.

*There is a minimum order total of $15 to qualify for free shipping.

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